about us

White Stories Wedding Photography highlights the wedding photographic production of Gianluca Trainito, wedding photographer since 2005 and member of the prestigious Italian Wedding Photographers Association (ANFM - Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Matrimonialisti).

gianluca trainito

Fotografo Matrimonio Milano ANFMGraduated in Marketing & Communication, I started my career in professional wedding photography in Rome.

In 2007 I moved in Milan and with Valentina, my couple in the life as in the work, I founded Piccoli Ricordi Photography, a photography studio dedicated to the Family Photography.

As family photographes we aim to be a landmark for couples in any moment of their life, shooting the love emotions during the engagement, the unforgettable day of the fateful "I do", the indescribable feeling couples get when a child born: we will always ready to take pictures of those moments and to make those unforgettable memories unique.

This website is dedicated to the wedding photographies taken by Gianluca Trainito in Milan, Rome and other places in Italy. For our family production visit the website www.piccoliricordi.com.